Saturday, May 05, 2007

What I'm Reading

I'm working on my dissertation concept paper, so I'm concentrating right now on my bibliographic sources. Here is a relevant quote from Anthony Stevens book The Two Million-Year-Old Self, College Station, TX: Texas A & M Univ. Press, 1993:

"...I would have us journey far into the past and way over the horizon into cultures remote from the traditions of Western psychology. And rather than restrict ourselves to historical parallels from the relatively recent Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, or Roman past, I would go back much further, back to the hunter-gatherer existence for which our psyches were formed, back to the archetypal foundations of all human experience, back to the hominid, mammalian, and reptilian ancestors who live on in the structures of our minds and brains. To do this is to discover within Jung's two million-year-old person, a 140 million-year-old vertebrate, which supports our finite existence and animates our dreams" (5).

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