Tuesday, June 05, 2007

DNA, Art, and You

I saw some of these links over at Eye on DNA wihch is a great science blog to check everyday.

Companies that use your DNA sample to create art:

DNA Artisty

All three of these companies use "DNA fingerprinting" techniques, which is extracting DNA from cheek cells (swabbed), purify the DNA, digest the DNA with restriction enzymes, and run the digests on a gel. An image of the gel is made and then that image is processed to enhance the image and add color. The exception is the 3rd company, which creates paintings inspired by the DNA gel -- based on client interviews and color preferences.

Want to see what your website looks like as a DNA digest gel? Check out Web2DNA This site analyzes your website and converts it into digital DNA and then creates a DNA digestion gel-like image of your site's contents. Interesting.

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