Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fall has arrived and brought the winds along, too

Today, they are forecast to be as strong as 40mph and I can hear their effects from inside my house -- the trees and bushes are being whipped back and forth. The skylights on the roof are creaking and popping. I live on a hillside and on windy days like this it feels a little exposed to the elements. For me, the winds usher in Fall, and these come with much cooler nights that are not even hinted at in the warm, sunny days. Who says SoCal has no seasons? You have to develop the observational skills of a scientist and pay attention, but you can discern the differences if you try.

A beautiful crescent moon next to Venus and a bright Orion was in the sky as I walked out to pick up the Sunday newspaper. Early morning is my very favorite time of day -- I love the smell of the not-quite-dawn air and the beginning of sunrise. One of my nieces, never an early morning person, calls this time of day "the butt-crack of dawn." I've also heard it referred to as "o'dark early".

If I hurry, I'll have finished the Los Angeles Times before sunrise.

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