Monday, October 08, 2007

LA Times -- Al Martinez' Essay on the Dawn

Al Martinez has a pre-dawn essay in today's LA Times that speaks to the stillness of that time of day. Sorry -- I know this is behind a registration wall, but registration is free.

I love the way the air feels just before the sun rises. Martinez got the feel of the change in air and light right. His first two paragraphs on the Greek goddess of the dawn, Eos (Aurora to the Romans) sounds like it was written for one of my two Greek Mythologies courses. I loved this, "By any name she brings tranquillity to the hesitant moment between night and morning -- an affirmation of renewal, a second chance for a new decision, a time not to be afraid anymore."

Great stuff.

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Allison said...

I love this-early morning is also one of my favorite times of day. I've been taking Hank to the dog park in the early mornings. I love the stillness of the air and the way the mist rises off the river. It puts me in a wonderful frame of mind for the day.