Saturday, November 24, 2007

What Makes Us Moral

Time magazine has picked up a story that has had a lot of developments in the field of neuroscience, particularly this year. It has been nearly impossible to pick up a science journal without it including a new paper on the brain biology of morality. You'll find a library of popular science books and academic series on this subject. It's very much on peoples' minds.

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Illustration for TIME by John Ritter
If the entire human species were a single individual, that person would long ago have been declared mad. The insanity would not lie in the anger and darkness of the human mind—though it can be a black and raging place indeed. And it certainly wouldn't lie in the transcendent goodness of that mind—one so sublime, we fold it into a larger "soul." The madness would lie instead in the fact that both of those qualities, the savage and the splendid, can exist in one creature, one person, often in one instant.
We're a species that is capable of almost dumbfounding kindness. We nurse one another, romance one another, weep for one another. Ever since science taught us how, we willingly tear the very organs from our bodies and give them to one another. And at the same time, we slaughter one another.
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