Thursday, December 20, 2007

deCode Me -- Ad found online at

You will be seeing more ads like this one. This is the company offering the $895 genetic scan product which I mentioned in an earlier post. Storefront genomics is here.

The small colored bars that make up the human figure on the left are meant to emulate a DNA-sequencing gel. However, there are more than four colors used in this graphic (there are only four different bases in DNA).

The ad copy flashes by too quickly but they state:

This is me.
This is myCode.
myCode is my DNA.
Know your Code.

On the website, you'll see what $895 will buy you (the links don't work):
  • For only $985, we scan over one million variants in your genome
  • Calculate genetic risk for 18 diseases based on the current literature
  • Find out where your ancestors came from and compare your genome with others
  • Get regular updates on future discoveries and a growing list of diseases and traits
  • New features:

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