Thursday, December 17, 2009

Human Genre Project

Combine all 23 pairs of human chromosomes with short writings and poetry and what do you get? The Human Genre Project. The website is a simple and elegant page showing all of the chromosomes in order. Hover your mouse over a chromosome and a list of titles appears below. Click on a chromosome and the list becomes static and easier to click through.

I've not read all of the pieces and new ones are being added all the time. One piece I really like is "Meet Me at the Speed of Light" by Laura-Grey Street over on Chromosome 1. On Chromosome 17 you'll find a short but tough essay on breast cancer (BRCA1 is located on Chromosome 17) called "Knowing Who I Am" by Heather Fineman.

The Human Genre Project is taking submissions. Check out the "Contribute" link (you thought it was about monetary donations, didn't you?).

The Human Genre Project is funded through the ESRC Genomics Policy Research Forum in the UK, an organization that explores social issues and genomics.

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