Sunday, February 14, 2010

Macs and the Trouble with Apostrophes and Quotation Marks

During the copy edit of my dissertation, I discovered a truly disturbing "feature" in Microsoft Word for Macs; none of the fonts have regular apostrophes and quotation marks. Instead of the little curly marks we are used to seeing, on a Mac, these marks are 'tick marks' (like the ones to the left there, see what I mean?).

Why is this a problem? I have a MacBookPro at home and an HP PC at work and I'd been toggling back and forth between both computers as I wrote my dissertation. This has led to a mixture of tick marks and quotations marks throughout my dissertation, much to the proof reader's annoyance. I hadn't actually noticed the difference. However, a cheat sheet for you Mac users out there is below:

True right quotation mark ( ” ): Shift + Option + [
True left quotation mark ( “ ): Option + [
True apostrophe ( ’ ): Shift + Option + ]
True reverse apostrophe ( ‘ ): Option + ]

Problem solved. Now, on to other issues.

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